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Rich Gilmore
Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Growth Partners

"Carbon Growth Partners is delighted to be a foundational Valitera partner. Rene and the Valitera team bring together a unique combination of deep expertise in environmental markets with a passion for positive impact and a sympathetic understanding of the realities facing 21st businesses. Those looking to thrive in a climate constrained world are in good hands with Valitera."

Samuel Gill
Co-founder and President, Sylvera

"I count Rene and the team amongst the most knowledgable, respected, and well liked individuals in the Carbon Markets."

David Antonioli
Strategic Advisor & Founding CEO of Verra (2008-23)

"Rene knows this market better than almost anyone, and is truly dedicated to ensuring we meet Net Zero."

Juan David Duran
CEO, EcoRegistry

"The team at Valitera has shown time after time that they work to boost carbon markets with high integrity. Their experience is incredible and they have a clear understanding of each projects' needs on the field, that helps them transact at fair prices."

Stephanie Zhu
Former GM - Sustainability, Delta Air Lines

"Rene and the Valitera team are not only experts in navigating a highly nuanced and quickly evolving carbon market, but are very hands on in ensuring the client gets exactly the support they need."  

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